[Bug fortran/19654] compilation crashes when variable is too large instead of showing error

coudert at clipper dot ens dot fr gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Fri Jan 28 10:37:00 GMT 2005

------- Additional Comments From coudert at clipper dot ens dot fr  2005-01-28 10:37 -------
It seems that, above a given size, gfortran declares the array as non-static:

$ cat a.f90
program kk
  implicit none
  integer, parameter :: N=32768**2
  real, dimension(N) :: input
  call random_number(input)
end program kk

$ diff a.f90 b.f90
<   integer, parameter :: N=32768**2
>   integer, parameter :: N=32765**2

$ diff a.f90.t02.original b.f90.t02.original
<   real4 input[1073741824];
>   static real4 input[1073545225];
<     parm.0.dim[0].ubound = 1073741824;
>     parm.0.dim[0].ubound = 1073545225;

$ gfortran -fdump-tree-original a.f90 
a.f90: In function ‘MAIN__’:
a.f90:5: internal compiler error: in tree_low_cst, at tree.c:3816
$ gfortran -fdump-tree-original b.f90
b.f90: In function ‘MAIN__’:
b.f90:4: error: size of variable ‘input’ is too large

Maybe this information will be useful to our gfortran gurus.



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