[Bug libstdc++/19642] streaming doubles is very slow compared to sprintf

pcarlini at suse dot de gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Thu Jan 27 16:57:00 GMT 2005

------- Additional Comments From pcarlini at suse dot de  2005-01-27 16:56 -------
> There's known problems with setlocale not being "stable" on AIX.

Thanks for the pointer. I can find only some rather vague hints, around,
however... "(un)stable"?!? Or 'just' plain slow?!? ;) ;)

> You're right, the correct long term fix is something like Jerry's work in
> 17140.

Beyond doubt. Avoiding completely *any* sort of setlocale/uselocale would fix
those issues completely. However, short and mid-term, the latest attached
patch (*_3) does a good job and seems safe (already checked on glibc (generic)
+ FreeBSD + Solaris). 



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