[Bug c++/19503] Parsing problem in the constructor call of temporary object

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Tue Jan 18 14:04:00 GMT 2005

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Yes, I was also just given the following citations from the C++-standard:

8.2 Ambiguity resolution
1 "... Just as for the ambiguities mentioned in 6.8, the resolution is
   to consider any construct that could possibly be a declaration a


8.3 Meaning of declarators
6 "In a declaration
    T D
   where D has the form ( D1 ) the type of the contained declarator-id
   is the same as that of the contained declarator-id in the declaration
    T D1
   Parentheses do not alter the type of the embedded declarator-id, but
   they can alter the binding of complex declarators."

Anyway, that was new information to me, thanks!

++Timo E.

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