signed enum bug

Aaron Coleman
Fri Feb 25 21:35:00 GMT 2005

[My first time at reporting, so please bear with me if I do something wrong...]
The compiler outputs a bg branch instruction when it should use a bgu. The cause seems to be related to having a negative value in the enumeration. If I just comment out the DummyValue1 line, the code is correct. It does this at any optimization level of 1 or higher, and I haven't figured out if there is a specific optimization I can turn off as a work around.
      add   %o0, -2, %o0
      cmp   %o0, 1
      .stabn 68,0,13,.LLM3-_Z13DummyFunction10tTestEnum2
      .stabn 68,0,15,.LLM4-_Z13DummyFunction10tTestEnum2
      bg    .LL2
      mov   0, %o0
      .stabn 68,0,16,.LLM5-_Z13DummyFunction10tTestEnum2
      mov   2, %o0
Aaron Coleman
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Lowrance Electronics, Inc.
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