[Bug c++/19797] [4.0 Regression] g++.dg/abi/inline1.C fails on hppa*-*-hpux*

dave at hiauly1 dot hia dot nrc dot ca gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Feb 15 15:55:00 GMT 2005

------- Additional Comments From dave at hiauly1 dot hia dot nrc dot ca  2005-02-15 01:56 -------
Subject: Re:  [4.0 Regression] g++.dg/abi/inline1.C fails on hp

> > 3) I'm concerned that the proposed fix requires a linker fix.  There won't
> >    be a fix for HP-UX 10 and possibly 11.00.  There's still interest in
> these
> >    system versions for a number of older machines that are still in fairly
> >    wide use.  
> We don't know whether a linker fix is required for those versions (or 
> indeed for 11.11, as when testing I tested the patch for 64-bit 11.11 and 
> 32-bit 11.23 simultaneously on different systems).  The linker problem 
> could just happen to be triggered some combination of circumstances that 
> happen to arise for libstdc++ on a particular HP-UX release after this 
> patch; or when the linker bug is fixed it could turn out that actually 
> there is something wrong with the object files generated (which however 
> should never cause the linker to crash), whether because of a bug in this 
> patch or a bug in the GNU assembler, either of which can be fixed.

The linker doesn't fault if this line is removed:


I believe that this indicates that a necessary .import statement
has been removed.




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