template inheritance & this->

Grigorio V. Moshkin grigorio@garant.ru
Tue Feb 1 15:50:00 GMT 2005


Consider the following program:


template<class A>
class Base {
  A data_a;
  int count;

template<class A>
class Child: public Base<A> {
  void inc() {
    this->data_a++; // ISO C++ ok, universal.
    Base<A>::count++; // ISO C++ ok.
// Code below is bad!
    data_a++; // ISO C++ denies! gcc 3.4.x doesn't compile!
    count++; // ISO C++ denies! gcc 3.4.x doesn't compile!


Are the comments fully correct? I.e. ISO C++ really denies that,
and that's the only reason because gcc 3.4.x doesn't compile that?
(gcc 3.3.3 does).

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