[Bug optimization/14637] [lno] wrong code with -O2 -finline-functions

1319 at bot dot ru gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Fri Mar 19 04:25:00 GMT 2004

------- Additional Comments From 1319 at bot dot ru  2004-03-19 04:25 -------
Ok, this bug is NOT present in current (20040319 00:30 UTC) tree-ssa. And this
is true bug, I get same effect when I recompile lno (again 20040319 00:30 UTC)
from scratch with:

$ export CC=gcc-3.3
$ ../gcc/configure --program-suffix='-3.5-tree-ssa-lno' --enable-languages=c
--with-arch=athlon-xp --disable-checking --disable-werror
$ make CFLAGS='-O2' STAGE1_CFLAGS='-O0' BOOT_CFLAGS='-O2 -finline-functions'

Where gcc-3.3 is 100% stable gcc 3.3.4 checked out 20040306. Bootstrap fails
with the same effect -- ICE in cgraph.c while compiling libgcc.a at stage2_build.



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