[Bug ada/12318] gnat bug when compiling generic units

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Wed Oct 22 09:28:00 GMT 2003

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------- Additional Comments From cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu dot org  2003-10-22 09:28 -------
Subject: Bug 12318

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Changes by:	charlet@gcc.gnu.org	2003-10-22 09:28:09

Modified files:
	gcc/ada        : ChangeLog exp_ch3.adb exp_prag.adb g-regpat.adb 
	                 g-regpat.ads sem_ch12.adb sem_ch3.adb 
	                 sem_elab.adb sem_util.adb 
Added files:
	gcc/ada        : gnat_wrapper.adb 

Log message:
	2003-10-22  Arnaud Charlet  <charlet@act-europe.fr>
	* gnat_wrapper.adb: New file.
	2003/10/22  Jerome Roussel  <roussel@act-europe.fr>
	* g-regpat.ads, g-regpat.adb (Match): new function, to know if a
	string match a pre compiled regular expression (the corresponding
	version of the function working on a raw regular expression)
	Fix typos in various comments
	Update copyright notice in spec
	2003/10/21  Gary Dismukes  <dismukes@gnat.com>
	* exp_ch3.adb:
	(Component_Needs_Simple_Initialization): Return False when the type is a
	packed bit array. Revise spec comments to document this case.
	* exp_prag.adb:
	(Expand_Pragma_Import): Set any expression on the imported object to
	empty to avoid initializing imported objects (in particular this
	covers the case of zero-initialization of bit arrays).
	Update copyright notice.
	2003/10/21  Ed Schonberg  <schonberg@gnat.com>
	* sem_ch12.adb:
	(Load_Parent_Of_Generic): If parent is compilation unit, stop search,
	a subunit is missing.
	(Instantiate_Subprogram_Body): If body of function is missing, set type
	of return expression explicitly in dummy body, to prevent cascaded
	errors when a subunit is missing.
	Fixes PR 5677.
	* sem_ch3.adb:
	(Access_Subprogram_Declaration): Verify that return type is valid.
	Fixes PR 8693.
	* sem_elab.adb:
	(Check_Elab_Calls): Do not apply elaboration checks if the main unit is
	Fixes PR 12318.
	* sem_util.adb:
	(Corresponding_Discriminant): If the scope of the discriminant is a
	private type without discriminant, use its full view.
	Fixes PR 8247.


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