[Bug c++/2474] global destructors should run in reverse order of _finishing_ construction

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Tue May 27 16:00:00 GMT 2003

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------- Additional Comments From lassi.tuura@cern.ch  2003-05-27 15:54 -------
Subject: Re:  global destructors should run in reverse order
 of _finishing_ construction

Do you mean there is no autoconf check for it because I could build on
machine A which has it, and run on machine B which doesn't?  Does this
actually happen with modern GLIBC?  I have not had any luck running
programs built with a new GLIBC on older GLIBCs because of the symbol
versioning barfing this or that.

Otherwise I would ask the check to simply be made automatic -- should it
not be part of the C++ ABI definition?  It would be nice if the default
build was ABI/language correct.

Please bear with these basic questions.  I'd like to just know if I
should tell our system support to unconditionally define that option on
all of our Linux builds (or even more platforms?).  All our systems are
relatively modern (RedHat 7.3 or newer).  It's not a problem to us to
say "Use GLIBC >= x.y.z, we don't support anything older" if x.y.z or
newer libraries are widely distributed (e.g. recent RedHat and SuSE


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