[Bug libstdc++/10993] strings with -ansi

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Tue May 27 13:02:00 GMT 2003

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------- Additional Comments From franz.sirl-kernel@lauterbach.com  2003-05-27 12:13 -------
Subject: Re:  strings with -ansi

At 13:48 27.05.2003, warlock@mail.kg wrote:
>------- Additional Comments From warlock@mail.kg  2003-05-27 11:48 -------
>Subject: Re:  strings with -ansi
>I checked it
>/usr/include/g++ is default place for FreeBSD 5.X
>I cvsuped gcc source code along with entire OS code

/usr/include/g++ is a very bad choice. This directory was renamed and got 
versioned during the gcc2 to gcc3 switch for very good reasons.

So, as a start, at least "rm -rf /usr/include/g++" before running gcc's 
"make install" to get a valid environment.

Hmm, the gcc -v output of your build looks totally hosed too (it doesn't 
show the options passed to configure, so how got the g++ default include 
dir changed?), I think your build is quite broken.


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