[Bug optimization/6324] [arc-elf32] optimizations generate uncomplete code

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Sun May 25 04:22:00 GMT 2003

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------- Additional Comments From dhazeghi@yahoo.com  2003-05-25 04:20 -------

with gcc mainline I get the following assembly output. Is this correct? Thanks,


        .cpu base
        .section .text
        .align 4
        .global _ll
        .type   _ll, @function
        ; BEGIN PROLOGUE ; vars= 8, regs= 0, args= 0, extra= 16
        st fp,[sp]
        mov fp,sp
        sub sp,sp,24
        ; END PROLOGUE
        st r0,[fp,-4]
        ld r2,[fp,-4]
        sub.f 0,r2,0
        bge.nd .L2
        mov r2,1234
        st r2,[fp,-8]
        b.nd .L3
        mov r2,0
        st r2,[fp,-8]
        ld r2,[fp,-8]
        mov r0,r2
        ; EPILOGUE
        j.d blink
        ld.a fp,[sp,24]
        .size   _ll, .-_ll
        .ident  "GCC: (GNU) 3.4 20030524 (experimental)"

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