target/10213: [3.4 regression] optimization problem with ix86 fast prologue with -O2 -fPIC

Mon May 19 07:46:00 GMT 2003

hi -

>Jan Hubicka writes:
>Can you point me to the patch?  I was off for a while and missed the
>thread.  In case the fast prologues was disabled, I would like to fix
>the real problem instead.

I think this is the patch that i was remembering:

Thu Apr  3 00:18:49 CEST 2003  Jan Hubicka  <>

        * i386.c (override_options):  Disable red zone by default on i386.
        (compute_frame_layout, ix86_force_to_memory, ix86_free_from_memory):
        Do not test TARGET_64BIT together with TARGET_RED_ZONE

I admit i never looked at the actual code, though, to be sure
of what it was doing.  When i saw that appear in the changelog,
i thought that it was a reaction to the bug that i had reported...


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