Bug Report Digest 5/7

Giovanni Bajo giovannibajo@libero.it
Thu May 8 11:27:00 GMT 2003

Dara Hazeghi wrote:

>in the interest of not spamming the list (sorry guys, I didn't realize how
>much traffic I was creating), I've started contacting the people who
>reported the bugs directly, and just CCing gcc-gnats, so all the relevant
>info is in the GNATS logs. If someone could take care of this I'd
>appreciate it.

Well don't worry, gcc-bugs does exist exactly for people to follow what it
is going on with PRs. Your "traffic" is very appreciated because it shows
your great effort!

>Could the following bugs be put in feedback state (ie I mailed the original
>submitter for more information/testcases and we're waiting now):


>The following PRs deal with the annoying in-source build issues. They're
>basically all dealing with the same problem, but as my other message to the
>list indicated, I don't know if this is supported/unsupported etc.

I tend to believe that in-source building is simply not supported and all
these PR should be closed. Let's see if someone confirms this here,
otherwise I'll ask on the main list.

>Could the following PRs be closed as duplicates:
>Could the following PR be closed as fixed:
>Could this be marked as confirmed as of today:

Done, done, done.

>Someone should decided what to do with these (look at the audit trail or on
>the list)

>10389 (Thanks DJ, but I still can't quite extract the mime attachments,
>must be something wrong with my perl installation)

Wolfgang, can you help extracting this testcase please?


This is fixed. 3.2 branch is discontinued. I closed it.


It's useless to keep PRs about bootstrap failures on obsolete targets. I
closed it.

Thank you very much Dara! You're doing such a great work!

Giovanni Bajo

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