target/7265: [ia64] HP-UX cross Linux compiler cannot build l ibgcc

Dara Hazeghi
Wed May 7 20:06:00 GMT 2003


Thank you for the response. I guess this bug can be closed, as the 
problem was due to a miscompiled compiler (miscompiled by 3.0). Hope 
3.3 works well!


>  When this problem kept occurring with gcc releases up to 3.3 
> snapshots in
> April 2003, I started to work on it and found that the native gcc on 
> the
> machine I was building the cross-compiler on was generating bad code!
> (Inserting printf()'s in gcc to debug the problem made it go away)
>  It works on another machine just fine.
>  I don't know why the .i would have errors in it, though... but it's a 
> moot
> point.  (The simplest code that the problem manifested on was "int 
> foo[2];"
> and it was failing in c-decl.c in grokdeclarator() after constant 
> folding
> gave a bad result when folding the expression for "2-1" -- but that 
> was just
> because gcc was miscompiled by the native gcc)
>  Sorry for the bogus bug report.
>  I'm not going to file a bug report on the native gcc since it was old
> (3.0.x) and there is no audit trail showing who built it and how.
> -- Jeff

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