GCC-3.2.2 bootstrap FAILURE: 1 reduce/reduce conflict in objc-parse.y

Ziemowit Laski zlaski@apple.com
Fri Jan 31 10:46:00 GMT 2003

On Thursday, Jan 30, 2003, at 00:14 US/Pacific, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> --On Wednesday, January 29, 2003 05:44:10 PM -0800 Ziemowit Laski 
> <zlaski@apple.com> wrote:
>> -- well, almost).  This way, we could wind up with my beloved Grand
>> Unified Front-End (or GUFE). :-)  Has this been considered/explored?
> Yes, and that's what I think we should do.  It's sort of a race between
> us and Neil, and Neil's winning. :-)


I looked back over the thread and I agree with you and with your 
Unfortunately, I don't think I have a leg to stand on in arguing this 
since I don't know if/when my employer would allocate the resources 
for me or others to do this work. :-(


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