target/7582: Intel intrinsics cause segfault with gcc 3.1.1 and 3.2
Mon Jan 13 05:17:00 GMT 2003

Synopsis: Intel intrinsics cause segfault with gcc 3.1.1 and 3.2

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State-Changed-By: bangerth
State-Changed-When: Fri Jan 10 17:28:09 2003
    I understand that this is not the most politely worded
    question (taken from the audit trail of this report), but 
    could you nevertheless reply to it?
    You start off with no attempt to get aligned storage for tmp1 and tmp2.  In 
     an ideal world, malloc would take care of this, but gcc doesn't take 
     responsibility for which malloc you use.  I take it you are using whatever 
     glibc gives you.  Mine gives me 8-byte alignment, but not the required 
     16-byte alignment.  Since you didn't mention whether you stepped into 
     your code with your favorite debugger to check for such problems, some of us 
     may assume you haven't begun to do your homework.  If you did use a strategy 
     to assure alignment, you haven't informed us what it might be.  
     You've gone out of your way to obscure your code, yet you ignore what seems 
     most evident.
     As I understand it, the preference for the Intel compiler would be to use the 
     special aligned entry point _mm_malloc(), in order to make your code portable 
     to Windows, so you are lucky it works with icc.

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