ada/9406: Documentation suggestion

Geert Bosch
Thu Feb 20 22:38:00 GMT 2003

On Thursday, Feb 20, 2003, at 16:35 America/New_York, Simon Wright 

> You are of course entirely welcome to reject the suggested
> rewording. However,
> (a) the first part of the patch corrected a grammatical error.
Yes, I added to my initial reply that of course the grammar
change was OK to apply.

> My suggestion was to say "run the Ada binder on the Ada entry units"
> but I suppose you could be all formal and say "run the Ada binder on
> all the Ada units that contain subprograms that are called directly or
> indirectly by the non-Ada main program". I think I would have
> understood the former better. I certainly didn't understand the
> present wording!
> (by the way, what about non-subprogram entities such as variables?)

Actually, your "all formal" version shows some misunderstanding:
you do not need to specify Ada units that are called indirectly
by the non-Ada main program.

Probably you are most helped by this quote from the Ada reference
manual, 10.2(5):

      A partition is a program or part of a program that
      can be invoked from outside the Ada implementation.
      For example, on many systems, a partition might be
      an executable file generated by the system linker.
      The user can explicitly assign library units to a
      partition. The assignment is done in an implementation-
      defined manner. The compilation units included in
      a partition are those of the explicitly assigned
      library units, as well as other compilation units
      needed by those library units.

This should also address your question about variables.


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