middle-end/9725: Invalid dependency determination

Jan Beulich JBeulich@novell.com
Thu Feb 20 08:02:00 GMT 2003

Which is almost as bad as the memcpy approach - the thing to be created
that way (i.e. through a macro) can't possibly be an lvalue when
supposed to access more than something contained within a single
I realized a supposedly legal (and working) approach anyway (though I
continue to believe that the original bitfield approach is legal, too -
just that it doesn't work with gcc...): Instead of having a union of
aliased type and aliasing structure, add a flexible array of the aliased
type to the end of the aliasing structure.

>>> Wolfgang Bangerth <bangerth@ticam.utexas.edu> 19.02.03 18:14:43

> of not using this logic - how do I access sub-fields of a built-in

Go through a char* which can alias everything. This special case exists

for this particular purpose: accessing single bytes in other types.


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