Segmentation fault in __register_frame_info

Christian Ehrhardt
Mon Feb 3 20:14:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 05:22:08PM -0600, Alex Ivershen wrote:
> I am sorry for not going throough the GNATS system - it won't let me
> submit the bug saying that "Priority is high" ... I have to revert to
> e-mail.

Priority high is reserved for gcc  Hackers. It's not up to you to decide
what is a high priority bug report.

> The system I am working on was always compiled with gcc 2.95.3 for
> Solaris 2.6 and was functional for a long time. Having upgraded to
> Solaris 2.8 I have rebuilt gcc 2.95.3 for 2.8 platform (we cannot use
> later versions of GCC because of their fuller ISO compliance - too much
> legacy code will have to be fixed). With the new compiler any
> application that uses my shared libraries is core dumping in
> __register_frame_info. I have recreated the problem consistently with a
> trivial test:

Known bug. Update to binutils 2.13.1 or later, 2.13 is not sufficient
and recompile gcc from scratch. There are multiple bug reports about
this in the GNATS database btw.

    regards  Christian


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