target/10390: [AIX 4.3.3] conflicting declarations in stdio.h

David Edelsohn
Sun Apr 27 14:46:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> Jens Rehsack writes:

Jens> I don't share your point of view, because defining both macros
Jens> (_LARGE_FILES and _LARGE_FILE_API) causes the failure. Or is
Jens> documentation existing (which I didn't found) where it's forbidden
Jens> defining both?

	Yes, this is a bug, but this is not a *GCC* bug.

	GCC *does not* provide its own stdio.h.  GCC "fixes" many system
headers, including stdio.h.  Possibly GCC should modify the logic of these
macros, but the original stdio.h in AIX is the one with the conflicting
declarations.  One needs to look at the manual for use of the macros.
Possibly the bug is the GNU sed configuration for choosing to define both

	Yes, there is a bug, but GCC did not create the conflicting
declarations, so GCC is not the source of the bug.  Just because the error
message lists the GCC installation directory in the path does not mean
that GCC is responsible.


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