c++/8277: g++ 3.2 is confused by operators and namespaces

bangerth@dealii.org bangerth@dealii.org
Mon Oct 28 16:19:00 GMT 2002

Synopsis: g++ 3.2 is confused by operators and namespaces

State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
State-Changed-By: bangerth
State-Changed-When: Mon Oct 28 16:11:11 2002
    The problem reported here can be reduced to the following snippet:
    namespace std
      template <typename T> struct vector{
          T* t;
      template <typename T> bool operator == (const vector<T> &v1,
                                              const vector<T> &v2)
        {return *v1.t == *v2.t; };
    namespace X {
      struct A {
        std::vector<A>      x ;
    bool operator== ( const X::A& a, const X::A& b )
      return a.x == b.x ;
    The failure to find the op==(A,A) in std::op==(vector,vector)
    is the same problem that has been discussed in length
    for c++/8279, see
    Thus, it is not a bug.


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