More real.c fall out on m68k-elf toolchain.

Graham Stott
Fri Oct 25 13:36:00 GMT 2002


I can no longer build a x86-x-m68k-elf toolchain due to an abort in real.c building newlib/libm/math/e_acos.c

/usr/local/src/uberbaum/newlib/libm/math/e_acos.c: In function `__ieee754_acos':
/usr/local/src/uberbaum/newlib/libm/math/e_acos.c:109: internal compiler error: in ten_to_ptwo, at real.c:2052

The abort occurs because ten_to_ptwo is called with invalid arg value 32 which is >= MAX_EXP.

Here's a reduced testcase compile which fails at -O1 or higher on m68k-elf toolchain.

static const double qS2 = 2.02094576023350569471e+00;

double foo(double x)
   return qS2;

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