GCC 3.2 branch libstdc++ abi_check.cc bootstrap failure on AIX

Mark Mitchell mark@codesourcery.com
Thu Oct 24 12:32:00 GMT 2002

> 	The ICE only occurs for -mcpu=power, but does not occur on the
> trunk with that same option.  I am not sure if anyone has run a regression
> check with -mcpu=power recently, but the rest of libstdc++.a does compile
> with -mcpu=power.

Would you enter a PR for the -mcpu=power problem?  That way we won't lose
it, in case we want to fix it.

Also, would you consider deprecating -mcpu=power, if you think that's
not an architecture worth supporting any more?

On the branch, I agree with your analysis; let's remove the code that
tickles the bug.  If you can #ifdef it out on PPC, that might be best.
Otherwise, just remove it.  Any reasonable variation of this is


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