c++/7605: ICE on template instatiation

Detlef Vollmann dv@vollmann.ch
Wed Oct 23 19:06:00 GMT 2002

The State of c++/7605 is still at "feedback", though
I don't know why.  And the class is "ice-on-illegal-code",
though it should be "ice-on-legal-code".

I have attached a short program that is clearly legal
and that produces the same problem.


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template <class T> class Base1 { public: T t; };
template <class U> class Base2 { public: U u; };

template <class T, class A>
class Map
    T t;
    A a;

template <int id>
struct Types
    template <typename T>
    struct Templated
        typedef Base1<T> Allocator;

    typedef Base2<char> ClassifiedString;

template <int id>
struct Impl
    typedef typename Types<id>::ClassifiedString String;
    typedef Base2<String> Wrapped;
    typedef typename Types<id>::Templated<Wrapped>::Allocator Allocator;

    Map<String, Allocator> pMap;

int main()
    Impl<0> impl;

    return 0;

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