c/8098: gcc is crashing

Joe Buck Joe.Buck@synopsys.com
Fri Oct 11 09:50:00 GMT 2002

> > Hmm, this used to be a sign of an ICE being disabled; I didn't run the
> > actual code so my comment may be moot.
> Looks like it isn't:
> gcc -Wall -mcpu=i386 -c libm.i
> libm.c: In function `fmodf':
> libm.c:727: error: output constraint 0 cannot be specified together with "st" clobber
> libm.c:729: internal compiler error: in convert_regs_1, at reg-stack.c:2734
> Please submit a full bug report,
> with preprocessed source if appropriate.
> See <URL:http://www.gnu.org/software/gcc/bugs.html> for instructions.
> gcc version 3.3 20021007 (experimental)

I tested against the 3.2 branch, not the trunk (3.3).  There is no crash

gcc version 3.2.1 20021007 (prerelease

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