Profiling on mips-irix6? (Testcase gcc.dg/nest.c failure)

Tim Prince
Wed Oct 2 21:38:00 GMT 2002

On Wednesday 02 October 2002 07:22, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:
> When running the testsuite on mips-sgi-irix6.5, I get a failure in
> gcc.dg/nest.c:
>  > FAIL: gcc.dg/nest.c (test for excess errors)
>  > WARNING: gcc.dg/nest.c compilation failed to produce executable
> Its not just me:
> This test passes in the -pg flag.  Looking at gcc.log, I see:
>  > ld32: FATAL   9  : I/O error (/usr/lib32/mips3/gcrt1.o): No such file or
>  > directory collect2: ld returned 32 exit status
> I can't find gcrt1.o anywhere.  Its not already installed on my system
> nor is it provided by and built by gcc itself.
As I used Irix-6.5 in a previous cloak, I'll take a stab:
-pg was not the way to do profiling on Irix-6.5; I'm not surprised the 
support libraries are missing.  It was done by building with -g and using 
> So before I proceed I was wondering whether there is some place to get
> a gcrt1.o and/or libprof1.a for irix6.  
> If not, I can open a PR/change-request for someone to provide one,
How about symlinking gcrt0.o to gcrt1.o, for example?
> and
> mark the testcase to only assemble on irix, not compile & run.
I've noticed that most cygwin testers are getting a link failure; a different 
problem, caused by the typical (full) installation not supporting -pg without 
over-riding the library search order.  Simplest cure there is to un-install 
the alternate mingw runtime.  
I doubt it's feasible for gcc maintainers to fix target-specific things like 
this.  But you're right, this test fails for target-specific reasons which 
aren't the fault of gcc.  Apparently, it was meant specifically to diagnose a 
power-pc specific problem; shouldn't that be noted without requiring web 
research, for example, by making it run only on targets where it is relevant?

Tim Prince

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