How to learn linux device driver

Tue Oct 1 09:21:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, [big5] Samuel Chen(³¯°Ñ»¨) wrote:

|                          Currently, I'm writing Serial port and usb device
| driver and test program for Smart card reader.
|                          I found few manual  and documentation decribed
| about linux kernel driver and fucntion call by hand.
|                         even , I surfed the web , also only have few page
| dicusssing about this topic.
|                         Please , if you have tis relavent function routine
| manual guide or any avaliable documentation,
|                         please note me or tell how to find it.

Asking on would be a good start.  ;)

The linux/drivers/usb/ directory in Linux 2.4 has lots of drivers
that you can look at, including a usb-skeleton.c sample driver.

On that same mailing list, there was a very nice usbtest harness
posted just a day or 2 ago by David Brownell.


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