bug on all gcc :)

eviler eviler@iguana.ums.gov.pl
Wed Nov 20 12:42:00 GMT 2002


I found bug in all version of gcc(without gcc-2.95.3 2.95.4).
i have an eggdrop(ircbot) and i add to file tcl.c:
int readtclprog(char *hhh) {
char da1[1800], da2[1800]... and do da50[1800];

sprintf(da1, "%c%c%c%c%c%c....", '\022'....and more more more :))); <-in
ascii OCT
sprintf(da2, "%c%c.....
and run make and have error...please raport to gcc ..mozilla...
i please download and test http://baltic.ums.gov.pl/~e/sample.tar.gz
(my old bot-basend on eggdrop)
please look this (only run configure its have auto make)

ps. sorry my english is too bad :// any question please mail to me


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