[Luc.Maisonobe@c-s.fr: Re: emacs dumps core on exit under solaris2.8]

MAISONOBE Luc luc.maisonobe@c-s.fr
Mon Nov 11 05:00:00 GMT 2002

I think gcc was configured with very few flags (--enable-languages for
fortran 77, C++ and java, but I think there was nothing more). I will not
have access to the machine before about two weeks (hoping the surgeon will
allow me to leave the hospital in time ;-). I will recheck at this time.

The information I have for now are the following ones. The computer is an
old Sparc Ultra 5, and Solaris 2.8 has been reinstalled from scratch a few
weeks ago. I don't know anything about the various patches that exist for
Solaris 2.8, I did not install the system myself. As far as I remember, I
have not compiled binutils and the assembler and linkers are the native
ones (provided in /usr/ccs/bin cirectory, since there is no optional Sun
compiler installed).

I think the raw temacs that is used before dumping ends gracefully (I'm not
sure, though), and that only the dumped emacs has a problem.

						      thanks a lot

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