libstdc++/6015: 3.1 pre libstdc++ number formatting is not mt-safe.

Teemu Torma
Sat Mar 23 18:57:00 GMT 2002

On Sat, 2002-03-23 at 15:37, wrote:
>     The cleanest way to fix this seems to be that of using a
>     sort of thread-safe setlocale which, however, will be
>     available only with glibc2.3. For additional details see
>     the following thread:

[I reply here since am not in libstdc++ mailing list]

I don't see how glibc2.3 would help, and it would not work on other
systems, like Solaris, nor any present system.  Since this is regression
from any previous g++ (well, at least since 2.95) version, a different
solution is needed.

Formatting numbers is not that tough, and earlier releases did it
themselves.  Not sensible inside a template though.


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