java/5688: cross compiler build fails in libjava

Tom Tromey
Mon Jun 3 08:06:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "H.J." == H J Lu <> writes:

H.J.> Here is a patch. It seems to work for me to cross compiling to
H.J.> Linux/x86. No idea how it works for newlib.

I'm not going to check this in.

H.J.> 	* Never assume newlib for cross compile.

This breaks newlib crosses.  I know Anthony Green at least tests

If link tests always work properly for linux-x-linux crosses, then
something similar to your patch would be acceptable.  It would have to
preserve newlib crosses, though.  One approximation to this would be
to use the "native" checking code if the target matches *-linux*.
Perhaps the best approach would be to add a new variable to


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