Using binutils-2.12.1 on sparc64-sun-solaris2.8 to build gcc-3.1 results in relocation errors

David S. Miller
Thu Jul 18 00:14:00 GMT 2002

   From: Alan Modra <>
   Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:43:51 +0930

   On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 07:06:50PM +0200, Teemu Torma wrote:
   > > "Call" is the only way R_SPARC_DISP32 relocations can be
   > > emitted.
   David, are you sure you don't get these reloc types in dwarf2 debug

32-bit PC-relative relocations?  I really doubt it :-)

I did make a brain fart though, "call" is valid in several situations,
PIC function calls in particular because that goes through the PLT
which will be near the code itself.

I still maintain that this isn't a binutils bug but rather some other

A repeatable testcase from the bug reporter posted here and in GNATS
would be highly appreciated so that something concrete can be done
about this problem.  Currently we are groveling over the bug because
not enough information is present.  A reproducable testcase would
eliminate this problem.

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