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Wed Jul 17 16:36:00 GMT 2002

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  Sorry to disturb but we really believe we can be useful in your business.
    We offer full range of IT services for extremely low fee (5-10 USD per
hour) with the same quality and time responsibility.
Our main technical center is placed offshore, this allow us to make such
offer to you.

  List of our current clients you can find at -
http://www.alarit.com/index.php?pg=clients&subpg=ref , we also
can provide references from them. Also we can develop you a test task free 
of charge.

  Some projects completed by our team you may find here :

  To have better understanding about what we can do for you here is
skill-list of our onsite computer programmers:

Name                    Primary Skills                          Total/US
market exp

Vladimir N. Vladimirov  Perl, PHP, MySQL, Unix, sendmail        2/1
Roman V. Moroz          UNIX, TCP/IP, C/C++, Perl, DBMS         6/1
Sergey Voronov          Photoshop, HTML, Flash, Freehand, 
                        HomeSite                                2/1
Vladimir A. Kiyanenko   PHP, Perl, SQL (MySQL,SQL Server,
                        PL/SQL), VB/ASP, ColdFusion             3/1,5
Sergey Starikovskiy     PHP, Perl, SQL (MySQL,PostgreSQL), 
                        HTML, Linux                             3/1
Vladimir A. Smachny     ASP, PHP, SQL Server(Oracle, MySQL), 
                        DHTML, Java Script, Delphi              3/2
Dmitry V Danilchenco    SQL (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL),
                        C/C++, Perl, ASP, Plathforms 
                        (Windows NT/2000, Linux, Sun Solaris)   6/1
Valentin V. Petruchek   PHP, SQL, DHTML(JScript+CSS), DELPHI, 
                        XML                                     5/0,5
Tsapenko Mikhail        PHP, ColdFusion, JavaScript, MySQL, 
                        Apache                                  3/0,5
Dmitriy Onishchenko     Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi        2,5/1
Oleksiy Popov           PL/SQL, Delphi / Pascal, C/C++, 
                        Direct-X, Assembler                     2/0,5
Konstantin I. Pavelko   C/C++ , VB (VBA, VBScript), SQL 
                        (T-SQL, Informix SQL), Object Pascal, 
                        Assembler x86                           5/0,5
Mike Koltsov            Perl, PHP, C/C++, SQL, HTML/XML         4/1
Kosnyrev Eugene         C/C++, VB, SQL, RDBMS, EDI              11/1
Igor Fuks               C/C++, SQL (MySQL,PostgreSQL), Perl, 
                        SMTP/POP3, Unix                         6/1
Vladimir Lewykin        Perl, PHP, Unix (Linux), C/C++, SQL 
                        (MySQL,PostgreSQL)                      5/1
Andriy Igorovich Pavliv Java, J2EE, UML, XML                    5/0,5
Eugeny N. Dzhurinsky    Perl, Java/JSP, SQL 
                        (ANSI,PL/SQL,PLPGSQL), C/C++            2,5/0,5
Sergiy Krutsenko        Delphi, Visual Basic,SQL, (D)HTML 
                        (JavaScript), VBScript                  6/1
Alex Verezhinsky        VB, VBScript, ASP, XML/XSL, SQL Server  7/0,5
Anton S. Kalkasov       Flash 5, Phptosop, 3DsMAX               5/0,5
Sergey Logrov           PHP, Perl, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL), 
                        JSP, SSL                                3/0,5
Andy Peptiouk           Java (J2EE JSP/Servlet/EJB/JMS/JDBC), 
                        J2ME Palm/Siemens, C++/C, SQL 
                        (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle), Delphi     4/0,5
Alexander Shaposhnikov  C/C++, SMTP/POP3,  Delphi, OpenGL, 
                        SQL                                     3/0,5
Dennis Turpitka         Delphi, XML/XSL, V Basic, VB Script, 
                        SQL (Sybase SQL, MS SQL, MySQL, 
                        PostgreSQL)                             7/0,5
Sergey Shelkovnikov     Delphi, XSL, PL/SQL, Photoshop, Oracle  3/0,5
Eugeny Zivnyak          Asm, Delphi, (D) HTML, SQL              2,5/0,5
Eugeny Peresvetov       V Basic, VBScript, SQL, ActiveX, ASP    4/0,5
Ivan Lavoryk            PHP, Delphi, SQL, (D) HTML              2/0
Konstantin Gurnov       C/C++, Asm, SQL, V Basic, (D) HTML      3/0
Anton Hrol              C/C++, Java, ActiveX, COM/DCOM, SQL     4/1
Sergey Pervozvansky     ASP, (D) HTML, V Basic, VB Script, SQL  3/0,5
Alexander Andriyashevsky  C/C++, Delphi, SQL (Oracle, PL/SQL)   11/0,5
Gennadiy Odvinov        HTML, SQL, FoxPro, JSP, Java            5/0,5
Dima Gorpinenko         Delphi, SMTP/POP3, Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, 
                        SCO), SQL, PHP                          3/0,5
Sergey Belokrinickiy    C/C++, TCP/IP, MS Access, SQL           3,5/0
Vasiliy Klochko         VB, VBScript, PHP, ASP, SQL, ActiveX    5/1
Victor Gurin            (D)HTML, PHP, SQL, Java script, CGI     4/0
Sergey Nosenko          Delphi, VBScript, (D) HTML, ASP, SQL    6/1
Vyacheslav Kovtun       Asm, Delphi, PHP, ASP, SQL              7/1

 Also we are looking either for partners and clients, who will be interested

and can help us in distribution/reselling of developed software.


Helen Kalyuzhni
IT center (AlarIT Inc.)
Customers Relation Department
Telephone: +380-61-234-8109
Telephone-fax: +380-61-234-5457
E-mail: software@it-ukraine.com
URL: www.alarit.com
"It takes months to find a customer... seconds to lose one."

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