Current cvs 3.2 can't build current cvs binutils.

Graham Stott
Sat Jul 13 17:16:00 GMT 2002


Has anyone else recently tried buliding a x86-x-powerpc-eabi cross toolchain using the
uberbaum tree? I find it fails when compiling gas/config/ppc-toc.c due to an abort in
simplfy_subreg. The abort occurs because byte is 4 and GET_MODE_SIZE (innermode) is 4.

This all worked at the begining of last week so I suspect it probably has something to
do with the recent SUBREG changes by joern.

Here's a testcase distilled from gas/config/ppc-toc.c, compile with either -O1 or -O2

typedef unsigned long valueT;

md_apply_fix3 (valueT *valP)
   valueT value = * valP;

   return (((value) >> 32) & 0xffff);

The testcase is itself a bit suspect in that it's invoking undefined behaviour by.shifting
by an amount >= bits in type, but it's derived directly from code in gas/config/ppc-toc.c

I'll do some more digging and identify which patch triggers the abort.


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