optimization/7247: copy constructor missing when inlining enabled for i386

Ewgenij Gawrilow gawrilow@math.TU-Berlin.DE
Wed Jul 10 02:36:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "nathan" == nathan  <nathan@gcc.gnu.org> writes:

    nathan> Synopsis: copy constructor missing when inlining enabled
    nathan> for i386

    nathan> If I understand you correctly, you are
    nathan> complaining that a copy ctor call is being optimized away.
    nathan> This is allowed, under [12.8]/15, even if the copy ctor
    nathan> has side-effects

The class whose construction fails is defined in my test case
as follows:

struct double_zero {
   const double epsilon;

   double_zero(const double& epsilon_arg=1e-8) : epsilon(epsilon_arg) { }

One would expect from a copy constructor, especially from the implicit
one, that it would copy the value of the instance variable
"epsilon". I don't think this could fall under the definition of a side effect.

Alternatively, if optimization according to the clause [12.8]/15 comes
into effect here, as you mean, then it is the constructor
double_zero(const double&) that is being forgotten. At any rate, the
"epsilon" variable contains garbage after the construction, as shows up
in the debugging output.

Encouraged by such a quick response, I hope for a similarly quick fix :-)

With best regards,
Ewgenij Gawrilow

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