c++/6831: Wrong base class alignment (nvalign vs. align)

Nathan Sidwell nathan@codesourcery.com
Fri Jul 5 05:17:00 GMT 2002

I do not get the different layout that you describe. I do get a different
layout to the one you think you should get. The layout I get
accords to the ABI. Here is the -fdump-class-hierarchy output for E. I have
marked the important offsets.

this is with a cross compiler configured as --target=ia64-intel-unix
Class E
   size=48 align=16
E (0x40090a40) 0 <- offsetof (E)
    vptridx=0 vptr=((&E::_ZTV1E) + 32)
  B (0x40090a80) 0 nearly-empty <- offset of (B)
      primary-for E (0x40090a40)
    A (0x40090ac0) 24 virtual canonical <- offset of A
  D (0x40090b00) 8 <- offset of D
      subvttidx=16 vptridx=24 vptr=((&E::_ZTV1E) + 56)
    C (0x40090b40) 32 virtual canonical <- offset of C

Note D has a dsize of 12, and 4 bytes of tail padding. Because D is a
non-pod, we can overlay that tail padding with another object. Here
is the layout we should and do get for ia64

off size name
0   8 	 E::B::vptr
8   8    E::D::vptr
16  4    E::D::d
20  4    E::e overlayed ontop of D's tail padding
24  4    E::A
28  4    alignment padding
32  16   E::C


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