Builtin bzero? Please don't.

David Holland dholland@eecs.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 10 15:27:00 GMT 2002

 > > > and that still looks like a pessimization to me. Perhaps there should
 > > > be a way to tell clear_storage to emit bzero calls instead of memset
 > > > calls?
 > > 
 > > Obviously that would have to be __bzero because of namespace rules.
 > Actually, what I think David is suggesting is that if we see a
 > call to bzero, and we try to interpret it as a builtin, and we
 > don't expand it inline, that we proceed with the original call
 > to bzero, which would not be a namespace violation.

That wasn't what I was suggesting, actually, although it would resolve
the particular gripe I have. It would be more powerful to be able to
tell the backend somehow what to call when it wants to clear storage.

If it can only be one thing, I suppose it has to be memset, since
that's standard.

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