c++/5282: .so exception handler works in 3.0.2 not 3.0.3

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc@mediaone.net
Fri Jan 4 20:23:00 GMT 2002


Added by swansma@yahoo.com in PR 5283:


 Not sure how to add info to a bug report. Hopefully this email is the
 way to do it.

 I just wanted to note that:
 1. 5282 contains a testcase
 2. 5282 is completely different than 5238
 3. The 5282 testcase works on 3.0.2. It does NOT work on 3.0.3 or 3.1
 with any version of binutils.
 4. The include file tuxmodule.h is not needed to make the testcase
 Here's the replacement:

 extern "C" {
     void TUXAPI_init();
     int TUXAPI_handle_events (void* req);

 #include "syslog.h"
 #include "TestException.h"

 int TUXAPI_handle_events (void* req) {
     return 1;

 void TUXAPI_init() {

     openlog("BugLib", LOG_PID | LOG_CONS | LOG_NDELAY, LOG_DAEMON);

     syslog(LOG_INFO, "TUXAPI_init()");

     try {
         throw TestException("test123");
     } catch(TestException e) {
         // This never happens
         syslog(LOG_INFO, "Success");


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