fortran/5558: Error in POT file

Toon Moene
Fri Feb 1 14:50:00 GMT 2002

Philipp Thomas wrote:

> * Toon Moene ( [20020201 22:20]:
> > The problem is caused by the fact that several "proto" error messages in
> > the Fortran front-end have "printf"-like "%" sequences.
> >
> > However, they definitely are *not* printf format strings.  Hence
> > classifying them as c-format is wrong.

> The solution is very easy. Before each of those lines put the comment
> /* xgettext:no-c-format */
> That will prevent xgettext ever mistakenly mark such a string as
> printf-like. We could limit the marking to only those strings that xgettext
> wrongly marked, but I'd say fix it once and for all.
> Now who's going to do the dirty work, me or you? ;-)

Well, yes, this I understood already :-)

However, my question was:  Is this something that should be repaired in
gcc.pot, or is it something that should be repaired in the program that
generates gcc.pot.

Just to prove this point :-) I changed one of the error messages that's
listed in gcc.pot in the original program that contains this error

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