Debug info for 'complex' types

George Helffrich +44 117 954 5437
Fri Feb 1 02:34:00 GMT 2002

I proposed this change also to fix complex value support in GDB (I use
g77, gdb and complex arithmetic extensively in my line of work).  My base
version was GDB 4.16.  (I can send you patches if you are interested.)  After
studying all stabs documentation I could find (with no particular illumination
on the issue of complex types), I also compared stabs output from other
Fortran compilers available to me.  Here they are:

>From Solaris 2.7 SC4.2 f77:

	.stabs  "complex*8:t9=R3;8",32,0,0,0

>From SunOS 4.1.3 f77:

	.stabs  "complex:t7=r7;8;0;",0x20,0,0,0

and with the patch I proposed for g77 (2.95.2 19991024 release, patched):

.stabs "complex float:t(0,16)=r(0,16);8;0;",128,0,0,0

I think this indicates the length should be 8 for a single precision complex
value.  If you want gdb to even think about supporting Sun Fortran compiler
stabs (my gdb tries to do so), *don't* withdraw this patch.  Tell your users
to recompile if they want to debug code with complex arithmetic.

                                       George Helffrich

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