Problem with `string', threading and shared libraries.

Benjamin Kosnik
Fri Sep 28 12:31:00 GMT 2001

Hey Carlos. Good question. I don't see how it's possible, currently. I
suspect the default allocator design (mangling) should be changed, so
this is not an issue. That's my own personal preference though.

Loren might have some ideas. Gaby wanted to actually version the
shared library (using ELF versioning, I'm assuming)

In any case, the documentation should address this point.

I believe there are other macros that also switch the ABI (USE_MALLOC,
for instance.) There is also the troubling bug report in GNATS about
libtool-related versioning symbols changing between minor releases...

This is a discussion that should probably be cc'd on.

Versioning wasn't something that was in the gcc-3.0 release: it has to
be in gcc-3.1. 


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