c/4416: documentation says -fstd= but should say -std=

Segher Boessenkool segher@chello.nl
Fri Sep 28 02:46:00 GMT 2001

"Joseph S. Myers" wrote:
> On 28 Sep 2001 neil@gcc.gnu.org wrote:
> >     Not a bug.  We document the external interface to the programs
> >     cpp, gcc and g++.  The interfaces to cpp0, cc1, cc1plus etc.
> >     are undocumented and subject to change.
> >     If -fstd= doesn't work with gcc, that is a bug.
> No, this is simply an old doc bug fixed by
> 2000-07-17  Joseph S. Myers  <jsm28@cam.ac.uk>
>         * contrib.texi, cpp.texi, extend.texi, invoke.texi: Update
>         references to C9X.  Change references to -fstd and -flang-isoc9x
>         to refer to -std.
> but never backported to 2.95.x.

sorry to not have checked on gcc3 first


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