MIPS branching too far

Colin Burgess cburgess@qnx.com
Thu Sep 20 13:23:00 GMT 2001

I think I've found a problem with the mips compiler (at least
in 2.95.2, and I think it's still in the latest as well).

There's a file in mozilla called nsPrefMigration.cpp that has a
method called ProcessPrefsCallback.  This (at least on our
system, which is QNX Neutrino 6.1 using the Dinkum C++ headers)
tickles a nasty bug.

Basically, the problem is this...

Say you have a function of the form...

int func(void)
lots of objects created on stack
int ret;

	ret = some_func_1();
	if ( ret & condition ) return ret;
	ret = some_func_n();
	if ( ret & condition ) return ret;

	return ret;

then the compiler (without optimising) produces something like

func prologue
run object constructors

	call some_func_1
	test and jump to label2
	run object destructors
	jmp to label1

	call some_func_2
	test and jump to label3
	run object destructors
	jmp to label1


func epilogue

Now the problem I'm seeing is that since I'm compiling this PIC,
then the jmp to label1 is being transformed by the assembler into
a branch, and the jump distance is just too long for a branch.

So my first question is: is this a bug in cc1plus, as or both?
And more to the point - has anyone got any good ideas about how
to fix this?

Thanks for any help,

Colin Burgess


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