limits.h bug in gcc

Fri Sep 14 03:42:00 GMT 2001


Thanks a lot for the reply. I will just try the build by skipping the test
by following your instructions.

Thanks & Regards

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> Hi!!!
> I am also trying to build the gcc 3.0 and gcc 3.0.1 for sh-elf, sh-hms and
> sh-coff targets on cygwin. Sh-elf target build successfully for both
> my changing any script. But the sh-coff and sh-hms are failing in build of
> library libstdc++-v3.
> Rob can you please send me what all changes you have done in configure
> script, so that I can try that change for sh-hms and sh-coff and see
> they built. I am building these targets for languages c and c++. The build
> for sh-hms and sh-coff for only C is successful.
> The error what I am getting is that the PC stops  after the 'checking for
> working strncmp...' statement.

Yes, I get that problem occassionally. It doesn't seem to be consistent.
It causes the cygwin/dos window to change size and lose it's scroll bars
and then the cursor moves around the screen randomly at short intervals -
very odd. strncmp does work (I think) and indeed the test seems to pass
sometimes, so I just set the environment variable
ac_cv_func_strncmp_works=yes so it skips the test.

Perhaps smebody ought to do something about this, but it doesn't seem to
affect the end product. It only ever happens on Windows.

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