Cross Compiler for MIPS !

Eric Christopher
Mon Mar 26 09:21:00 GMT 2001

> I am trying to build Cross Compiler for MIPS R3000 processor.
> My Kernel source version is 2.4.0.
> Can you pls tell me what are the compatible versions (binutils, gcc, glibc)
> for doing so.
> And where can I get the latest HOWTO info for the same.
> Till now whatever the info. I found  are either bery old or not compatible
> with the 2.4.0 kernel.
> Any input will be very helpful for me.

The latest release (2.95.3) should be able to target an R3000 processor.

You keep mentioning the linux 2.4.0 kernel - I'm not sure whether or not
that you mean that as the application you are trying to compile or not.
It should make no difference on the host system, I don't know if it
as a target system.


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