If you don't have a previous incarnation of GCJ installed...

Loren James Rittle rittle@latour.rsch.comm.mot.com
Fri Mar 9 17:15:00 GMT 2001

In article < 3AA9631E.76A43EF5@albatross.co.nz > you write:

>> causes ~500 spurious testsuite failures, because the mv from fileutils
>> 4.0 rejects an attempt to move a file onto itself.

>Yeah. But this just means you need to "make install" before "make check",
>right? Or is the problem affecting you elsewhere?

I think the problem is worse than that.  At the very least, one must
do: "make install", then one must force a reconfigure of at least part
of the tree, then "make check".

I hit this a while back but forgot to report it.


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