Fatal error when building GCCC-3.0 under cygwin

Graham Stott grahams@redhat.com
Mon Jul 30 11:53:00 GMT 2001


Corwin Joy wrote:
> I, and several other folks, have had problems building the gcc 3.0 release
> snapshot under cygwin.  It seems to be an issue with carriage return versus
> line-feed in i386.md.  I would like to suggest that either this file be
> patched in the release snapshot for gcc 3.0 or a brief comment be added to
> the release notes for cygwin as this is rather a bear to figure out without
> extensive searching of the gcc newsgroups.
> Thanks,
> Corwin

This is not problem with i386.md.

On Cygwin it's possible to encounter CR/LF problems on
because it has the concept of both text and binary mode mounts.


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