ostream and long long

Andris Pavenis andris@hal.astr.lu.lv
Thu Jul 26 14:10:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Phil Edwards wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 10:53:46AM +0300, Andris Pavenis wrote:
> > On 25 Jul 2001, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
> > > If --enable-long-long, then the accompanying C99 mathematical
> > > functions should be availble for long long support.  They are not
> > > unreleated.
> >
> > Do we really need sqrtf(), sqrtl(), sinl() and similar functions to
> > support long long? I think the best would be to check for functions
> > we really need for --enable-long-long instead of disabling it
> > if at least one of functions added with c99 is missing
> Your definition of "functions we really need" for long long support may be
> very different from somebody else's.  If all you want to do with a long
> long is print it, then no, sqrtl() isn't needed for op<<.  Maybe another
> user thinks of "really" supporting long long as just being able to do
> basic trig, and overloaded operators are an extra unnecessary feature.

But this for configuring libstdc++-v3 but not something else, so I think
the crititical question is what libstdc++-v3 needs to support
--enable-long-long. Also sqrtl() is function for taking square root from
long double and as I think it's not related to support of long long
support. And the same is about widfe character related functions.

> Gaby is correct; this was a tricky rat's nest in the past.  And even if it
> were possible to /easily/ separate "support for printing long long" from
> "support for long long trig" from "support for long long <foo>", I really
> don't want to see a bunch of different enabling/disabling macros through
> the code.  Either it works or it doesn't; either we support it or we don't.
> Rather than try to split long long support into pieces along arbitrary
> "this is basic support / no, only this over here is basic support" lines,
> I'd prefer to concentrate on why the ENABLE_LONG_LONG result flag is being
> set to false, when the config.log seems to show that they are supported.

So for many targets (I think) this support will be disabled however
it could be supported.


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