with_cross_host vs cross-hosted

DJ Delorie dj@redhat.com
Thu Jul 5 14:05:00 GMT 2001

> >   if test "$build $with_cross_host" = "$host "; then
> Well, I'd just like to express a preference for a more explicit test
> statement:
> if test x"$with_cross_host" = x && test x"$build" = x"$host"

Oops, sorry.  That test was for the first test, not the second, and
should read != not =.  We need an "or" condition, not "and", for that

> Exactly.  linux->cygwin->cygwin is not a Canadian cross, as people keep
> reminding me; it's another kind of fish, a host-x-host.  The only thing

I call them "crossed natives" for lack of a single-word name for them.

linux->linux->linux	native
linux->linux->cygwin	cross
linux->cygwin->cygwin	crossed native
linux->cygwin->mips	canadian

I don't know what linux->cygwin->linux would be called.  It's
technically a canadian, but last time I tried that (with
linux->djgpp->linux) it didn't work - it thought it was native.
Maybe we should call it a "crossback"?

> Which I think is wrong to begin with, and is probably wrong for you on
> a host-x-host build.  You'll probably pick up -I/usr/include that way,
> and that's not kosher!

It would, except I use a build-specific --prefix.

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