DESTDIR vs. libstdc++

Tom Tromey
Wed Jul 4 10:20:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Espie <> writes:

Marc> I'd like this solved at some point. The hairy parts are:
Marc> - cygnus configure is totally blind to DESTDIR.

I don't think Cygnus configure needs to know anything about DESTDIR.
Instead I think it is a matter of changing every (except
those generated by automake) to respect it.

Marc> - cross-compiles.

What is the problem here?  I'm curious because if there is some
conflict I want to make sure that automake does the right thing.

Note that most GNU-style Makefiles work if you run configure with a
given --prefix and then change it at `make install' time:

    /gcc/configure --prefix=/whatever
    make install prefix=/destdir/whatever

This was common practice in GNU for a long time (this method is also
supported by automake).  I don't recall if it is in the GNU coding
standards (many things like this are not).  I also don't know if this
is supported by the gcc Makefiles.


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